Bilge Nur Saltık

 OP-vase is a new series of vases designed by Bilge Nur Saltik. Nur aims to create a bouquet from a single flower. Glass shield causes a illusion and creates a kaleidoscopic effect. The thick glass pieces hand crafted in İstanbul and cut by hand to have the precise corners. Each piece has a unique pattern of cuts. When viewed in different angles a single flower dissolve in to a bouquet.

Bilge Nur exhibited 'OP-vases' along with OP-light, wall light series that use the refraction of light as a tool to create optical illusions, and OP-jects, a glassware series with whimsical effects, at ECNP Galeri, 6 November – 5 December 2015. On exhibit were also Jalousie, the mirrors that she debuted in London Design Week 2015.


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