Ring Sizing Chart


  • Select a ring you own that properly fits the intended finger,
  • Measure the INSIDE diameter of the ring OR
  • Wrap a piece of string or a strip of paper around your finger,
  • Mark the point where the two ends meet,
  • Measure the string or paper against a ruler to get the CIRCUMFERENCE of your finger.
  • Match the measurement to the conversion chart above. If the ring falls between two sizes, we recommend that you choose the larger size.

Tips for measuring your ring size

1- Your finger size can change throughout the day, so it is a good idea to measure at the end of the day when your fingers are at their largest. Do not measure when your hands are cold; your fingers will be at least half a size smaller.

2- Rings with a particularly thick band will feel tighter than a thin band; in these cases, we recommend buying a full size larger than your normal ring size.

3- Your ring should fit your finger comfortably; it should of course be snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

4- If you’re buying a gift, the best way - but not always the easiest way - is to borrow his or her ring (from the correct finger) and use the ring sizer guide above to determine its size. 

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