Paşabahçe's OMNIA project pieces are now available at Paşabahçe stores January 29 2016, 0 Comments

As we are sure you have followed, we took part in a very creative and meaningful project organized by Paşabahçe Stores.  Omnia Project brought together 18 designers and three talented glass artists to create the future of glass art.

The collection aims to bring together tradition, culture and design. So each of designer, Ela and Nazan separately, has created new objects where they re-defined the objects' traditional use, changed traditional objects' forms, colors, has ventured to expand the glass's habitat and its manufacturing possibilities.

A great video that puts together the process of the project reflects how pleasant it was for all the participants.

At the opening party at Bomonti Ada, we had a chance to see all the objects together along side ours.  We were all impressed and happily surprised by the wide variety of objects.  Below are a few photos from the opening and our pieces.

Nazan's Leaves Vases are in three different shapes; she is most familiar with these shapes coming from the trees that she often sees in her day to day life in Istanbul.  Their colors ranging from red to green to brown reflect the passage of seasons and how these beautiful forms are influenced by it.

Evil eyes by Nazan are three dimensional, you can see them from everywhere and they follow you everywhere.

Doodles on a paper came to life as vases and bowls, decorated with traditional decoration techniques of cuts and gilding.

Ela's tea glasses called Zarife reflect her keen interest in doilies.

Most objects belonging to Omnia project are on sale at Paşabahçe stores, some will be available in the future.  In stores they are nicely displayed at a separate display with the designer's name. We hope you will like them as much as we enjoyed creating them.


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