Another opening... :) April 14 2015, 0 Comments

We are loving the idea of having an exhibition and a exhibition reception for that matter.  

Yet another great opening took place last Thursday in ECNP Galeri, where Porcelain Landscapes exhibition opened.

As all of the artists were from out of Istanbul (a pure coincidence!) Yasha Butler and Müzz design team were not able to attend.  On the other hand their families and friends, Tulya Madra & Sahir Erdinç as well as Ömür Tokgöz were present.

Featured works consist of Yasha Butler's "Lithic" cups, reflecting on the delicate equilibrium of contrasts, Tulya Madra and Sahir Erdinç's "Adalar" (Islands) dining set, an interpretation of Agean islands, Ömür Tokgöz's cocoon-resembling round forms "Yığılmalar" (Accumulations), standing in a limbo on their circular base, andErin Türkoğlu & Melodi Bozkurt's (Müzz) "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" vases, reminders of global warming and that humanity is merely a frail and small component of the Earth.

You can visit the exhibition until May 30th. 

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