Ela is taking part in Baksı Museum's Tılsım (Spell) project November 11 2015, 0 Comments


Standing near the Black Sea, 45 km from Bayburt, The Baksı Museum covers 30 hectares with its exhibition halls, workshops, conference hall, library and guest houses.

The Baksı Museum sprouted in the year 2000 in the mind of Hüsamettin Koçan, an artist and educationalist born in Bayburt. To make this idea a reality a foundation was established in 2005. Thanks to the contribution of many volunteers, especially artists, over the years the museum became a truly social project, and after a decade’s odyssey was finally completed in the year 2010, having received no financial support from the government at any time along the way.

The Baksı Museum brings together a high-quality contemporary art collection made up of works by leading artists, alongside a collection of folk paintings and original examples of local handicrafts. The purpose of the museum is to create an original center of cultural interaction involving traditional and contemporary arts for the benefit of artists and researchers, to revive a cultural environment shattered by migration, and to contribute toward the sustainability of the cultural memory.

When we were invited to take part in a project called ‘Tılsım’ (Spell) for the celebration of 10th year anniversary of the Baksı Culture and Art Foundation, we have studied the museum and its mission more closely. The museum’s high level of awareness on the economic and social life of the region and dedication its geography lead us to work on the idea of flower themed pieces. We have researched the flowers that one can find Bayburt region and have designed a few alternatives. The final piece is a necklace tied to a red thread.

Starting tonight, you can view the necklace and works of eight other designers at Baksı Museum's stand in Contemporary Istanbul. The international art fair will last until November 15th.

The necklace will be on sale at the museum's shop.

We hope it will be liked and worn...